The name is Cristy Bell. I'm a 20 year old, full time college student. I may be small, but I kick ass. I love animals, and just so happen to be a vegan. Let's be friends.



rickyriotbabe: I seriously love your blog and you are a spectacular human being. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face :)

You guys are spoiling me with nice comments haha. Thank you so much!

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Ok but let’s talk about bagels. They are so much better than bread. Why have a sandwich on wheat when you can have a bagel sandwich. Do you understand? Bagels>bread

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poswld: you're my favourite person ever , seriously :D

Dawhhhh me??? Thanks!!

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the fact that kids feel physically ill and have mental breakdowns at the very idea of going to school should be a clue to some people that maybe something isnt fucking right

Me and home schooling for high school

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My future.

When I was fifteen I thought I’d have it all figured out by 20. I don’t. I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. I know I want to get married and raise a family in my thirties. That’s all I know. I don’t even know with who. I’ve thought about going to a four year to study nutrition—that’s not for me. I’m considering wait-listing for a nursing program at my college—which, after the waiting, takes about three years to complete. I don’t think I mind waiting, I want that time. I’ve always been passionate about other people and their well being. I have an idea what it’s like. So regardless, I am getting my AA. No rush though. I’m not transferring; I’m not going to a four year. I don’t have to, and that’s ok. There’s so much I want to do, but I’ve felt so tied down. There’s a lot of wonderful people out there who can do it all, but I am not one of those. Not to mention, I also won’t dare to pull out loans. No, I don’t have parents that can afford to pay everything for me (which is not a bad thing at all, people who have parents that can support them are awesome.) I would need to support myself through it all—though my parents do what they can (And financial aid isn’t forever). Honestly, I also want to put myself more out there. YouTube, I mean. I always put that on a halt because I’m too busy studying, working minimum wage, and stressing over every little thing. I never really took this whole internet thing seriously. Ive even thrown away offers I’ve received over the whole thing, how foolish. Most importantly, I want to help others and make people happy. I’m still kind of unsure, who cares, I just need to let myself breathe because I deserve it. Rant over. thanks for reading. I’m so grateful for all the support I receive. Also I forgot to mention I want to publish a book. Ok bye.

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"Spilled my heart here"
I saw this on my walk today and it broke my heart..


don’t talk to boys who aren’t nice to their mothers

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